1 Day Sundarban Tour package cost From Rs. 2799/- Kids Rs.1399/- 4 To 8 Years [48 Months – 96 Months ]. 50% charge, 1 To 4 Years [between 48 Months ] – Free

Perfect 1 Day Sundarban tour

WB Govt Officially Registered

সুন্দরী আমাদের সুন্দরবন

When you don’t have much time, plan an itinerary like a 1 Day Sundarban tour, which would cost Rs. 2799 per person. You will receive a 1 Day Sundarban Tour package that includes a boat ride across the river of the sundarbans national park and one sundarban day excursion into the wildness of the jungle. For  1 Day Sundarban Tour booking call us.

One day sundarban tour Details

5 AM :

Start from Kolkata Depending on the preference of the visitor residing in Kolkata, the tour will begin at a specific location, followed by a three-hour drive to Sundarban Godkhali and a tea break along the route.

8:30 to 9 AM :

The Sundarban cruise then sets sail for the largest mangrove forest (narrow creek) and delta region, where we hope to see crocodiles, water monitors, spotted deer, and various species of birds. It’s possible you could see a Royal Bengal Tiger in its native habitat. Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, and Dobanki are three of the towers you’ll be able to keep an eye on during this time. Meals of breakfast and lunch will be prepared and served while sailing.

4 to 5 PM 

Trip to the Sundarbans complete, it’s time to return to Kolkata

8 to 9 PM : 

Drop At Kolkata As per your choice


1 Day Sundarban Tour package

1 Day Sundarban Tour itinerary

Day 1: 1-Day Sundarban Tour Details

5 AM: Start from Kolkata or the tour will begin at a place chosen by the tourist who lives in Kolkata. It takes three hours to drive to Sundarban Godkhali, and you can stop for a cup of tea along the way.

8:30 and 9:00 AM: Then, between this time we’ll get on the Sundarban boat and head to the largest mangrove forest (narrow creek) and delta area to see animals like crocodiles, water monitors, spotted deer, and different kinds of birds. You might even see a Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat if you’re lucky. During this period you will 3 watch towers Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, and Dobanki. On the boat, breakfast and lunch will be cooked and served.

4 to 5 PM: Sundarban jungle trip ends, head back for Kolkata

8 to 9 PM: Reach Kolkata

We’re committed to giving you the best service possible, so we ask that you work with us during the tour to make it a memorable experience.


• Getting from Kolkata by air-conditioned car.
• Well-kept, motorized boat with beds and a European-style toilet; • All major meals, such as breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and evening tea with cookies.
• Fees to get into the jungle and for a guide.
• Permits for boats and still cameras.


Any alcoholic or aerated drink.
Video camera charges.
Any other costs that the guests might have.
Coolie Charge.
Guests who are not Indian will have to pay a separate fee to get into the Tiger Reserve.

Menu Details

Morning:- Tea / Coffee Biscuits.

Breakfast:-  Nanpuri Chana Masala, Sweet, Tea/coffee.

Lunch:- Rice, Dal, Vegetable Fry, Vegetable Curry, Prawn + Rui / [Seasonal Fishs] As {Doi Katla/ Rohu Curry/ Bhetki Fish curry ETC}, Chatni, Papad, Salad, Sweet..

2 Fish Items in the Main course

Evening:- Tea / Coffee, Biscuits.

Veg Menu Also Available

Child Policies

1 To 4 Years {between 48 Months } – Free
Age Group Between – 4 To Within 8 Years
{48 Months – 120 Months } – 50% Charge

Important Points

The Itinerary Is Subject To Change/Alterations As The Visit To The Various Watchtowers Depends Upon Weather And Tide Conditions. However, All Watchtowers And Destinations As Mentioned In The Itinerary Will Be Covered.

The Food Menu May Be Changed Without Any Prior Notification.

Due To Technical Or Other Issues, We May Change The Vehicle Or Boat Without Any Prior Notification.

Covid 9 Precautions

Thermal Screening Test For Guests, Boat Crew, and Mentor/ Manager Before The Tour.

We Will Provide Mask  Hand Sanitizer For All Tourists.

Daily Boat & Hotel Sanitization.

Ac/Non Ac Tour, Ac Deluxe Cottage, Delicious Menu, Experienced Tour Guide, Personal Car. 12 Regular Spots, Folk Dance, Car, Boat, Room Sanitization, Ac & Non Ac Package. Want To Track and see Wild Tigers? Book A Tiger-Friendly Safari. Safaris Can Be Booked Through Your Lodge Or Tour Operators. In Service Since 1998. Great Experience. Personalised Service. Royal Sundarban Tourism .(1-Day-Sundarban-Tour)

There Are Many Sundarban Tour Operators That Offer Different Types Of Package Tours To The Sundarbans National Park In West Bengal. Most Are Predefined Group Tours With Fixed Itineraries And Can Either Be Day Tours, Overnight, Or Multiple Nights With Set Accommodations Included.

However Royal Sundarban Tourism Is The Best, You Will Be Picked Up From Kolkata And Dropped Back There And Can Either Stay Aboard A Boat Or On Land. Hotels And Resorts Also Provide Their Guests With Tour Packages.  The Best Package You Will Get At Royal Sundarban Tourism.

Ac/Non Ac Tour, Ac Deluxe Cottage, Delicious Menu, Experienced Tour Guide, Personal Car. 12 Regular Spots, Folk Dance, Car, Boat, Room Sanitization, Ac & Non Ac Package. (1-Day-Sundarban-Tour). Affordable Sundarban Tour.

Book Online One-Day Sundarban Tour

Book your 1-day Sundarban tour online with Kolkata’s best Sundarban tour package. Keep memorable Sundarban travels and tourism!

One Day Sundarban Tour

One-Day Sundarban Tour

₹2799/ Head, ₹1399 kid Of 4 To 8 Years [48 Months – 96 Months ].
1 To 4 Years [between 48 Months ] – Free.

Delicious Menu, Experienced Tour Guide, Personal Car. 12 Regular Spots,

1 Day Sundarban Tour package cost

1 Day Sundarban Tour package cost is ₹2799/ Head, ₹1399 for kids of 4-8 years. This is included with all transportation, sightseeing, and the food during this tour.


1 day Sundarban Tour Facilities

সব সুবিধা একসাথে ​

Royal Sundarban Tourism” At Sundarban Is The Best Way To Experience The Mighty Mangrove Forest. Over 30,000 Plant Species And Some 2 Million Animal Species Call The Sundarban Mangrove Forest And It’s Saltwater Habitats And Canopy Tower Home. Check Out The Best one day Sundarban Luxury Packages Which Will Get You The Best Value For The Service You Would Like To Pay For. So Let’s one day “tour de sundarban” With the best 1 day sundarban tour package rate.

Verify if your trip package includes a stay at a five-star hotel.

Tour packages to Sundarban are typically operated from Kolkata. Before reserving a trip from Kolkata to Sundarban, make sure to research the necessary transit time. You’ll need to determine both the route and your personal threshold for crossing it.

Your travel package must include accommodations in the Sundarban region, whether you’re flying in from another state or driving in from West Bengal. The finest choice would be a high-end resort with all the conveniences of a major city. Before you commit to a Sundarban package, it’s a good idea to see what hotel you’ll be staying at.

Examine the schedules

Let’s say you’ve committed to a one day excursion. Here’s a list of possible routes you might use to plot out your vacation. See if you will get to visit any of the area’s well-known landmarks during your trip.

You will also be able to visit sanctuaries for various animals and plants, such as tiger, crocodile, turtle, and bird reserves. Here, you should ask your tour guide if they plan on taking you to all of the Mangrove Forest’s highlights.
Verify the Sundarbans cruise itinerary.

Verify the availability of healthy snacks

It’s impossible to have fun on an adventurous vacation without high-quality meals at each meal. Thus, if you’re thinking about booking a trip with a Sundarban package offer, you should ask your travel agent ahead of time whether or not he can guarantee that you and your family will have access to nutritious meals during your trip.
Because a stomachache can lead you into problems in the woods, it’s preferable to consume freshly cooked foods made with fresh kitchen components.

Be sure to have a look at the conveniences.

In spite of being on a safari to see exotic animals, city slickers must stick to their same routines. Find out from your travel agent if amenities like free Wi-Fi, a hot breakfast, a wake-up call, a clean, comfortable accommodation, a pool filled with soft water, a supply of mineral water to drink, etc. will be provided.
Most resorts in this part of Sundarban provide guests with local water for drinking, bathing, and other non-industrial uses. Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort is one of the few five-star hotels in the world that provide visitors with free, unrestricted soft water for use in the resort’s water purification system.

Obtaining a local guide is possible.

Having a native guide’s expertise and guidance is crucial on a Sundarban excursion. When booking your vacation to the Sundarbans, make sure to ask your travel agent if they have arrangements with a local tour operator.

Having some background in the area will allow you to see more of the true vibrancy and colour of the area. Taking in the protected forest from atop one of the many watchtowers is not the only goal of a well-planned visit to the Sundarbans. It also involves learning about the local religions, mythologies, deities, folk melodies, and arts and crafts.

Visit the Sundarbans for one day

Let’s say you want to plan a trip from Kolkata to Sundarban so you can see the forest up close. In such scenario, you can’t pass up the opportunity to learn from the locals who have firsthand knowledge of the Mangrove Forest by not exploring its surrounding community.

Village visits are a highlight of some of the most unique Sundarban Tours. In this section, you will find fisherman who have actually encountered the tiger or other strange woodland animals. You’ll get perspective on the daily challenges and threats that some communities face just to stay alive.

Spend money on keepsakes

One of the highlights of a trip to the Sundarbans is the opportunity to pick up some unique mementos. Honey and organic brown rice are both available for purchase here.

Authentic regional wares can be purchased at a steal. If you need assistance locating a useful facility, your guide should be able to assist you.

See what other tours cost before you commit.

It’s no secret that the Sundarbans have become a hotspot for ecotourists and animal lovers from all over the world. Sundarban vacation packages abound for a few obvious reasons. Make sure you do your research on prices and included amenities of various packages before committing to a vacation.

Finally, to sum up:

Never choose cheapness over efficiency. Don’t forget to check all the elements listed below while comparing Sundarban Tour packages in order to evaluate the quality and safety of the tour prior to booking and availing.

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All the facilities are included


    Complete Transportations During one day Sundarban tour also End To End Car and Boat facilities


    Complete Fooding And Accommodations Arrangements​


    12 point Sight Seeing, Local tour, Cultural Activities, Adventurous Activities


জঙ্গলে কার্পণ্য করলে কিন্তু বিপদ ​

  • Remembers This Is A Remote Area So No Transport And Atm Or Proper Doctors.

  • So Your Friends And Families Safety Is Our First Priority

  • The Transportations Food And Accommodation Should Be Good For Your Best Experiences.

  • So Do Not Compromise On The Budget And Look For The Cheaper Options

  • Book The Tension Free Package With Us

Our Sundarban Hotels

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Best Sundarban Hotel Accommodations

Find the BEST hotel deals in Sundarban, India. Best Price Promise + 24 Hours A Day… best choices. Ordered by lowest price… Sundarban, After reviewing thousands of client reviews, make your hotel reservation in Sunderbans.

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sundarban food menu

Our Food Menu


Sandwich, Sweet, Bisleri, Tea. Nanpuri/Puri, Chana Masala, Sweet, Tea/coffee.
Veg / Non-veg


Basmati Rice, Murighanta Dal, Fry, Vegetable, Prawn/Crab/ Bhetki Fish, Chatni, Papad, Salad, Sweets. Rui, Doi Katla/ Chicken
Veg / Non-veg

Evening Snacks

Chicken Pakora, Veg Pakora, Salad, Tea/Coffee.
Veg / Non-veg


Fried Rice, Chilli Chicken/ Chicken Masala, Salad. Chicken Kosha, Mutton Kasa
Veg / Non-veg

This Is a combination of all 3 days food menu.

One Of The Best 1 day Sundarban Tour Operators​

Mr Dilip Maity is one of The Best 1 days Sundarban Tour operators. You Can directly talk to him. To get all the details about the tour.

আর দেনি না করে কল টা করেই ফেলুন আমায় ​

আমাকে কল করুন এবং আমি ব্যক্তিগতভাবে সমস্ত বিস্তারিত ব্যাখ্যা করব

Dilip Maity
Dilip Maity


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