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Foreigner need to pay Via Razorpay Payment.
Choose any payment option and pay 50% in advance, with the remaining 50% due during the tour. Please note that there is no ATM on site and this area. Kolkata Sundarban Tour

Please do not carry sleeping blankets and sleeping bag. All required will be provided by us.

The tour begins at the Indian Museum’s Main Gate, which is located near the Park Street Metro station. Alternatively, the trip can begin from a specific location chosen by tourists staying in Kolkata for an additional fee of Rs 1,000 for pick-up and drop-off. Begin Right Now

Start right now. The term “package tour” refers to a trip to the Sundarbans with no out-of-pocket expenses. The package includes everything, including transportation, food, and lodging.

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The most popular package, according to our tour manager and travel specialist, is 2 Nights and 3 Days. Because the Sundarban Delta has so many islands, it is impossible to visit them all without spending 4-5 days travelling. Kolkata Sundarban Tour As a result, we can set aside at least 2-3 days in our hectic schedules to acquire a sense of this travel package. Take a look at this bundle.

There are no hidden cost. Prices are all included. View Packages 

Yes, there will be a 500 rs. surcharge per night because the solitary traveller will be occupying the full accommodation.

Yes, because the boat has 10-12 nice beds built in for resting at any point throughout the journey, although it is a dormitory arrangement. Kolkata Sundarban Tour As a result, it is not recommended that women tourists spend the night on a boat.

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The boats, and the complete safari is highly secure, your safety is out first priority.  

No way, we do not allow alcohol to be consumed when travelling through the Sundarban 2021.

Sundarban is quite close to Kolkata, thus it is the greatest destination to spend a weekend or a couple of days when visiting Kolkata. Only three hours

There are numerous things to observe at Sudarban, such as Royal Bengal Tigers, Crocodiles, Deers, Wild Monkeys, a variety of Birds and Trees, and so on.

The Sundarbans Tour is available throughout the year. The busiest times are generally around the holidays and in the winter.

It is better to go to the Sundarbans package than go to the Sundarbans own arrangement. It costs much less.

If you don’t want to embark on a package trip, you may take the local train from Sealdah South to the canning station. You may go to Godkhali from Canning via a local vehicle such as an auto rickshaw or a trekker.
If you book a Sundarbans Package Tour from Kolkata, these travel operators will drive you directly to Gadkhali.

1 to 5 years – free
Age group between – 5 to within 10 years {Birth date After Jan 2,011} – 50% charge
Above 10+ years {Birth date After Jan 2,011} – full charge

Sundarban Tour Kolkata

If you choose a package trip, the hotel will provide you with a very contemporary and lovely hotel or cottage for a night’s stay, and you can even have air-conditioned rooms in the summer.

To view the entire Sundarbans, you must schedule a private trip. In general, Sundarban package tours 2021 show some of the most prominent sights.

House boats can usually accommodate 30 to 40 travelers.

Usually you have to book separately for a private car. Otherwise, the traveler is taken in a shared car.

At least one room is offered as having two

The car starts from the Science City area for the Sundarbans Package Tour.

There is no limit to the number of tours that can be taken. If there are more than 30 persons on board, separate house boats are arranged.

Yes, for traveling in the Sundarbans you need to have a valid ID.

The Sundarbans Tour does not allow you to bring your pet dog.

We provide customised tours and private sundarban tours 2021 based on rail or travel schedules. Please contact us by email or phone for further information on the above-mentioned facts.

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We do tours on an everyday basis, though there is an extra cost if there are no groups on that day. E-mail or call us to find about the available groups.

For further information on the above mentioned details kindly get back to us on Contact: 7439965413 Email: info@royalsundarbantourism.com Sundarban Tour Kolkata

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