The privacy of our clients is of paramount significance to us. We think that our customers’ private information should not be shared with a third party without their prior approval or request. Every individual has the right to keep their personal information private, and at Royal Sundarban Tourism 2021, we only utilise client information like phone numbers, emails, and addresses for internal purposes.

We save our clients’ contact information in our database and only use it to contact them during their trip with us, to update them on the progress of their travel bookings, and to tell them of our newest specials and news, among other things. Royal Sundarban Tourism is a firm believer in protecting clients’ personal information from unauthorised access 2021, abuse, and disclosure. To avoid such catastrophes, we have stringent restrictions and high-security systems in place.

If there are any quiet modifications to our ‘Privacy Policy,’ we will post a notification on our website. If the client need any further information on our ‘Privacy Policy,’ they are welcome to contact us at our email address. We’ll be pleased to respond to legitimate inquiries as soon as feasible.

Our website is protected by a sophisticated firewall and high-end security system that monitors traffic and financial transactions. Suspicious email, website traffic, and/or money transactions are not tolerated. If a silent fault occurs, it will be reviewed to ensure that no policy or security violations have occurred. Our customer service representative or other members of our team may contact you to confirm your transaction. For financial transactions, the secure connection between your browser and our system employs 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Most browsers support this technology, which was developed by Netscape, Microsoft, and RSA Inc. It’s a reliable piece of technology.

Solo Travellers: There will be 500 rs extra per night as the entire room will be occupied by the solo traveller.

Charges: 1 to 5 years – free

Age group between – 5 to within 10 years {Age Not More than 120+ Months} – 50% charge

Above 10+ years {Age More than 120+ Months} – full charge


Visitors to our website should be aware that their name, email address, and other personal information supplied on the website may be stored with us and displayed on the website. Vacations employ a third-party secure payment gateway supplied by “Razorpay Software Private Limited” for Mastercard financial transactions all around the world. As a result, the MasterCard information is ‘not saved’ by Royal Sundarban Tourism. With Visa/MasterCard, the information is securely saved and encrypted. Our ‘online Mastercard payment gateway’ is completely PCI-DSS compliant, and we employ a 128bit SSL certificate powered by Dialect to convey information between Royal Sundarban Tourism and MasterCard bank. It simply means when the customer makes the transaction using our online payment gateway on our website, these details are being securely stored within Dialect’s fully secure vaults to make sure that the knowledge can’t be employed by malicious 3rd parties. Sundarban Royal Sundarban Tourism and/or its employees cannot view MasterCard’s secure information because Dialect truncates their credit card details.

We, at Royal Sundarban Tourism, provide a variety of services. There are tour packages ranging in duration from two to four nights available. A private three-day package for two persons will cost roughly 10,000 rupees. Transportation from Kolkata, lodging, all meals, boat cruises, naturalist and local guide, park admission costs, village experience, and country boat trip are all included. There are also options for customised birdwatching trips.

From Kolkata, choose your most deluxe Sundarban travel package. Royal Sundarban Tourism will ensure that your Sundarban vacation is one to remember.

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Since 2005, Royal Sundarban Tourism 2021 has been dedicated to providing unique, eco-friendly, and community-based tourism experiences. Our mission is to share Sundarban’s wildlife and wilderness areas, ensuring that they are preserved for future generations via education and active participation. To make a reservation or inquire about anything else, contact us now.