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Traditional Authentic Sundarban Foods

Meals on a typical Sundarbans tour include breakfast, lunch, and dinner as specified in the itinerary (Dinner). These are prearranged meals that typically consist of regional Indian fare but may also feature local or international specialities, depending on the tour’s location. The residents of the Sundarbans region of Bengal eat a lot of fish, both freshwater and brackish varieties. To keep it under control, they also add phoron. Boal, rohu, ilish, and panda, all types of fish curries, are also quite popular. One tradition calls for frying the left side of the tidal fish.

Sundarban Tourism

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Sundarban Tourism

Day 1

Sandwich, Sweet, Bisleri, Tea.
Lunch:- Rice, Dal, Vegetable
Fry, Vegetable Curry, Prawn+ Rui / [Seasonal Fishs], Chatni, Papad, Salad, Sweet.
Evening:- Chicken Pakora or Veg Pakora, Tea/Coffee. Dinner:- Roti/ Rice, Chicken Kosha, Salad.

Day 2

Early Morning:- Bed Tea/Coffee Biscuits.
Breakfast:- Nanpuri/Puri, Chana Masala, Sweet, Tea/Coffee.
Lunch:- Basmati Rice, Dal, Fry, Vegetable, Rui Fish, Crabs, Chatni, Papad. Evening:- Chicken Pakora or Veg Pakora, Tea/Coffee.
Dinner:- Roti/ Rice, Chicken Kosha/ Mutton Kosha Salad.

Day 3

Early Morning:-Bed Tea/ Coffee, Biscuits
Breakfast:- Parota Kashmiri Alurdam/ Puri, Kashmiri Alurdam, Sweet, Tea/ Coffee.
Lunch:- Rice, Dal, Vegetable Fry, Vegetable Curry, Prawn+ Rui / [Seasonal Fishs], Chatni, Papad, Salad, Sweet.

Sundarban Tourism

So here Is the Best Traditional Sundarban Home Cooked Food Menu For you… Please explore below..

Royal Sundarban Tourism Food Menu

sundarban food Menu

Carb Curry

Our professional chef prepares a delicious crab meal.
sundarban food Menu

Hilsha Fish

Hilsha is commonly referred to as Ilish in West Bengal’s local markets.
sundarban food Menu

Chicken Masala.

Chicken Masala is a very easy authentic North Indian style chicken curry. In this Indian chicken curry ,

Prawn Dish

In West Bengal, prawns are a common meal.
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Sundarban Tourism
food menu

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