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Sundarban Food Menu

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Sundarban Food Menu

Sundarban Food Menu​
Royal Sundarban Tourism Food Menu

When you eat food with your family and friends, it always tastes better! Royal Sundarban Tourism Brings you the delicacies of Sundarban.

Crab Dish

Our professional chef prepares a delicious crab meal. Due to the abundance of local crab, Royal Sundarban Tourism 2021 usually serves sea crab to our visitors. The crabs of the Sundarban are amazing and of a size that will put you to a truly unique test. You may eat this meal with or without gravy. Although the results of two tests will differ, the flavours of two dishes will be comparable. Crab soup is also a bit of a challenge.


Prawn Dish

In West Bengal, prawns are a common meal. We prefer to serve “BAGDA PRAWN” to all of our guests, however this is subject on market availability. Most clients nowadays like to include prawns in their meals. An extraordinary prawn test will be conducted by a Royal Sundarban Tourism 2021 professional cook. You may use it to complement a variety of foods, such as fried rice and hilsha.

Hilsha Fish

Hilsha is commonly referred to as Ilish in West Bengal’s local markets. In West Bengal, this dish is highly popular. The majority of individuals, approximately 99.9%, choose to include in their meal. The flavour of Hilsha may be used to take most people’s meals. So you have a sense of how Hisha’s exam will go? Just incredible!!! With their sweet touch, our professional chefs can add an additional layer of flavour.

Chicken Masala.

Chicken Masala is a very easy authentic North Indian style chicken curry. In this Indian chicken curry , chicken is marinated in yogurt with many other spices and cooked in low heat for 20-30 minutes. This a very easy an common dish of North India. This tangy and spicy chicken curry goes well with any Indian Bread like, Paratha, Roti, Poori Or any kind of rice. We prepare this curry in wood fire.