Amazing Facts About Sundarban Jungle Trip

Amazing Facts About Sundarban Jungle Trip

Facts About Sundarban Jungle Trip: Every time We hear about Sundarbans, it excites u as the name itself casts a magical spell. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a renowned place for tiger conservation under the Tiger Project, the destination is a choice for every tiger lover for catching the glimpse of the magnificent creatures along the delta’s banks in India and Bangladesh. The awe-inspiring sight of tigers swimming and relaxing in the brackish water of Sundarbans and some wild animals roaming around may raise goosebumps in your body. Let, know more about Amazing Facts About Sundarban Jungle Trip.

Sundarban Tourism

Enclosed by thick mangrove forest and huge saline mudflats, Sunderban offers you an experience of witnessing the best of both flora and fauna including 260 bird species and other threatened species such as the estuarine crocodile and the Indian Python. But, with this, there are some other interesting facts about Sundarbans which would give you more reasons to plan a trip to Sundarbans right away. Let, know more about Amazing Facts About Sundarban Jungle Trip.

Sundarban Tourism

Here are some astonishing and intriguing facts about the Sundarbans:

  1.  You’ll be astounded to learn that the Indian Sundarbans are ten times larger than Venice. The Sundarbans Forest in India is a 4000 sq. km. region with 102 islands, 54 of which are inhabited, while the other area is covered in forest.
  2.  The Sundarbans region in Bangladesh and India has the biggest coastal mangrove forest in the world, covering an area of roughly 10,000 km2 (6,000 km2 ).
  3. Nearly every area of the forest is reachable by ferries and boats because of the linked network of waterways in the Sundarbans. The traveller is given a great opportunity to sightsee and experience the wonderful magic of the forest.
  4. Because of its brackish water fish production and marine fisheries, Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve is one of the unique and natural resource endowments and is regarded as India’s Largest Fishery Board. Let, know more about Amazing Facts About Sundarban Jungle Trip.
  5.  Sundari, a big mangrove tree, inspired the name of the Sundarban Jungle (Heritiera littoralis).
  6. There are said to be 400 majestic and ferocious Royal Bengal Tigers in the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve. Escape the craziness of the urban jungles to see the only spot on Earth where this huge cat is found in the greatest concentration.
  7. Gosaba (13 ft from sea level) is the biggest and last inhabited island on Sundarbans (Indian part). You would find it right where the dense forest reserve starts. Even though the island is isolated from the mainland, it has its own panchayat, schools, hospitals, local self-governance and more.
  8.  The Sundarban region experiences a rare tidal phenomenon twice daily: high tides, when the water level appears to increase by 6 to 10 feet, and low tides, when a vast expanse of mudland is visible laying flat.
  9.  It is said that most of the families in one of the Sundarbans villages (the Widow Village), which is home to India’s tenacious Tiger Widows, have been attacked by man-eating tigers. For this reason, in order to fish in core zone woods, anglers must get a special permit from the reserve forest office department. You shouldn’t be alarmed; you may visit the Sundarbans without any hesitation.
  10. The tiny microorganisms known as phytoplanktons, which reflect light in the gloomy new moon, should not be missed. You must experience a night safari in the Sundarbans.
  11. In 2007, Cyclone Sidr caused damage to 40% of the Sundarbans. It took the locals close to two or three years to resume farming after the high tide’s salinized water damage to the Sundarbans’ agricultural grounds. The immediate aftermath of the tragedy saw the installation of dikes by the locals as a precaution for the preservation of the Sundarbans.
  12. One must get permission from the forest range officials in order to stay in the Sundarbans.
  13.  West Bengal has a population density of 1,029 people per square kilometre, compared to 1,000 people in the Sundarban Jungle. According to the paper “Building Resilience for Sustainable Development of Sundarbans,” high birth rates and migratory inflows are the main causes of the population’s tendency to increase and impose more pressure.
  14. The Sundarbans were established as the core area of the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve in 1973, a national park on May 4, 1989, and most recently, they were named as one of the contenders for the New Seven Wonders of Nature.
Sundarban Tourism

The Mystery of the Black Jungle by Emilio Salgari, Sundarbane Arjan Sardar by Shib Sankar Mitra, and Padma Nadir Majhi by Manik Bandopadhyay are only a few books set in the Sundarbans that are centred on the hardships of village life and fishing. The Sundarbans are also the setting for Amitav Ghosh’s and Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, which won the Booker Prize.

How You can travel to Sundarban

If you’re prepared to travel to the Sundarbans, now is the perfect moment. The weather in Sundarban is at its finest around this time, and you may also feel energetic. You want to take a tour to get a sense of the area’s ambience and to experience some of its adventures. So why not visit Sundarban right away? If this is your first time in Sundarban, you should read this blog to learn some fascinating information about your journey to the Sundarban Jungle. Make your journey to Sundarban’s jungle enjoyable and joyful. Stop waiting and start doing it. Let, know more about Amazing Facts About Sundarban Jungle Trip.

Sundarban Tourism

The points you must remember are:

  •  The Sundarban is a secure environment, and if you follow the rules, no animal will harm you while you’re in the forest.
  • The largest delta in Asia and a unique one at that is Sundarban.
  • Sundarban is a location where you may learn a tremendous amount in addition to having fun.

Here are some fascinating details regarding the Sundarban Jungle Trip:

1. Fully guided:

You won’t need to worry about how your journey to the jungle will go or how you’ll handle it because it will be completely directed. Sundarban tourism is constantly attentive to its visitors. Let, know more about Amazing Facts About Sundarban Jungle Trip.

Sundarban Tourism

2. Royal Bengal Tiger:

The Royal Bengal Tiger is the finest animal you can see in Sundarban, but only if you are really lucky. Only the lucky few are able to glimpse the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Sundarban Tourism

3. Amazing birds:

You’ll be thrilled with Sundarban’s magnificent birds. In Sundarban, you may witness several excellent and distinctive birds. They have moved to Sundarban from a remote location.

4. Ample knowledge about Trees:

The ideal nourishment for those who travel for both enjoyment and learning is a wealth of information about trees.

There are many Sundarban tour operators that offer different types of package tours to the Sundarbans National Park in West Bengal. Most are predefined group tours with fixed itineraries and can either be day tours, overnight or multiple nights with set accommodations included. 

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Royal Sundarban Tourism

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