Sundarban Ilish Utsab: A Flavorful Journey

Welcome to the Sundarban Ilish Utsab

Discover the Magic of the Sundarban Hilsa Festival!. At rs.2799/-

Get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Sundarban Ilish Utsab, where the best of Bengali cuisine comes alive! This annual festival, also known as the Sundarban Hilsa Festival, is a vibrant celebration of the Hilsa fish, a beloved delicacy and a symbol of the rich culinary heritage of the Sundarbans.


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Sundarban Tour + Ilish Utsab Package Price

Tours With Or Without Air Conditioning, Deluxe Cottages With Air Conditioning, Delicious Meals, Informed Tour Guides, And Private Cars. 

12 Regular Places, Folk Dancing, Cleaning Of Vehicles And Boats, Cleaning Of Rooms, and Packages With And Without Ac, We Are The Best-known And Most Experienced Sundarban Tour Business In Kolkata.

  • 1 Night 2 Days

    ₹4500/ Head, ₹5000/ Head AC Room, ₹2250 kid below 4-8 years. 1 To 4 Years [between 48 Months ] Free

  • Sundarban Tour 3 Days 2 Nights Packge Cost

    ₹5500/ Head, ₹6500/ Head AC Room, ₹2750 kid below 4-8 years. 1 To 4 Years [between 48 Months ] Free

  • Boat Tour Package 3 Days 2 Night Package Cost

    ₹5500/ Head, ₹6500/ Head AC Room, ₹2750 kid below 4-8 years. 1 To 4 Years [between 48 Months ] Free

  • 1 Day Sundarban Tour Cost

    ₹2799/ Head, ₹1399 kid below 4-8 years. 1 To 4 Years [between 48 Months ] Free

The Sundarban Ilish Festival Is Here for a Limited Time Only! [Call to Discover More]

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Taste the Queen of Fish at Sundarban's Hilsa Fest

Sundarban Ilish Utsab

Experience the Taste of Tradition at Sundarban Ilish Utsab!

Our Expertly Crafted Tours Offer An Immersive Experience Into The Heart Of This Unesco World Heritage Site, Showcasing The Unparalleled Beauty And Rich Biodiversity Of The Sundarbans.The “Sundarban Ilish Utsab” is a vibrant and flavorful celebration held in the heart of the Sundarbans, highlighting the rich cultural heritage and culinary delights of the region. This festival brings together locals and tourists to savor the exquisite taste of Hilsa, the queen of fish. Organized by Sundarban Leisure Tourism, the event features a variety of Hilsa dishes, including Bhapa Ilish, Ilish Paturi, and Ilish Bhuna, all prepared by skilled chefs. Amidst the lush greenery and tranquil waters of the Sundarbans, attendees immerse themselves in a sensory journey, enjoying the delicious food, traditional music, and the unique charm of this enchanting region.

Sundarban Ilish Utsab
Sundarban Ilish utsab

Savor the Flavors of Sundarban Ilish Utsab Menu!

The “Sundarban Ilish Utsab menu” features a delectable array of Hilsa dishes, including Bhapa Ilish, Ilish Paturi, and Ilish Bhuna. Each dish showcases the rich, authentic flavours of the Sundarbans, promising a culinary delight,

Ilish Utsab menu
Sundarban Ilish Utsab menu
Sundarban Ilish Utsab

All Included SUNDARBAN TRIP From Rs. 2799/-

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Sundarban Ilish Utsab: A Flavorful Journey

Sundarban Ilish Utsab is more than just a food festival—it’s a celebration of tradition, culture, and the exquisite taste of Hilsa. Join us as we showcase a feast that highlights the true essence of Bengali cuisine.

Whether You’re A Nature Enthusiast, A Wildlife Lover, Or Someone Looking For A Serene Escape, Our Sundarban Tours Cater To All Your Needs.

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in organizing Sundarban tours, we pride ourselves on offering well-planned and safe adventures. Our knowledgeable guides are passionate about the region and committed to providing you with insightful and memorable experiences.

Affordable Sundarban Tour Costs

We believe that exploring the Sundarbans should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Check out our Sundarban tour costs and choose a package that fits your budget.

Comfortable Accommodations

Stay in the heart of nature with our comfortable and eco-friendly accommodations. Whether you prefer cozy cottages or luxurious houseboats, we ensure a restful and immersive stay.

Seamless Booking Process

Book your Sundarban tour with ease through our user-friendly website. Our customer support team is always available to assist you with any queries and ensure a smooth booking experience.

Sundarban Tourism: A Journey Like No Other

Experience the magic of the Sundarbans with our meticulously planned tours. From the moment you set out on your adventure, you will be captivated by the pristine beauty and the vibrant life of the mangroves. Encounter diverse wildlife, including the elusive Bengal tiger, estuarine crocodiles, and a myriad of bird species.

Highlights of Our Tours

  • Wildlife Safaris: Get up close with the Sundarbans’ incredible wildlife.
  • Mangrove Exploration: Discover the unique ecosystem of the mangroves.
  • Cultural Immersion: Experience the rich traditions and culture of the local communities.
  • Bird Watching: Spot rare and migratory birds in their natural habitat.

Plan Your Adventure Today!

Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Explore our range of tour packages and book your Sundarban tour today. Whether you’re planning a quick getaway or an extended exploration, Royal Sundarban Tourism has the perfect tour for you.

Contact Us

For more information on our tours, pricing, and availability, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team is here to help you plan the perfect Sundarban adventure.

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Sundarban ilish

Join Us for a Culinary Celebration at the Sundarban Ilish Utsab!
@ Rs. 2799/-

At the Sundarban Ilish Utsab, you’re not just enjoying amazing food—you’re also experiencing the rich culture and heritage of the Sundarbans. This festival offers:

Affordable Tour Costs

We Believe That Exploring The Sundarbans Should Be Accessible To Everyone. That's Why We Offer Competitive Pricing Without Compromising On Quality.

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Comfortable Accommodations

Stay In The Heart Of Nature With Our Comfortable And Eco-friendly Accommodations. Whether You Prefer Cozy Cottages Or Luxurious Houseboats

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Seamless Booking Process

Book Your Sundarban Tour With Ease Through Our User-friendly Website. Our Customer Support Team Is Always Available To Assist You With Any Queries And Ensure A Smooth Booking Experience.

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Savor the Essence of the Sundarbans at the Ilish Utsab!

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted by the lush greenery and serene beauty of the Sundarbans, setting the stage for a culinary adventure like no other. Our festival offers a rich tapestry of flavors, with a menu that features the finest Hilsa dishes prepared with love and expertise:

Bird Watching

Discover The Diverse Avian Paradise With Our Expert-guided Bird Watching Tours.

Wildlife Safaris

Embark On Thrilling Wildlife Safaris And Witness The Majestic Bengal Tiger In Its Natural Habitat.

Mangrove Exploration

Navigate The Dense Mangroves And Uncover The Hidden Beauty Of The Sundarbans.

Village Walks

Immerse Yourself In The Local Culture With Insightful Village Walks And Interactions.

Cultural Performances

Enjoy Captivating Cultural Performances That Showcase The Rich Heritage Of The Sundarbans.

Fishing Trips

Experience Traditional Fishing Methods And Try Your Hand At Catching Local Fish.

Photography Tours

Capture The Stunning Landscapes And Unique Wildlife With Our Dedicated Photography Tours.

Sunset Cruises

Relax On Serene Sunset Cruises And Soak In The Breathtaking Views Of The Sundarbans.

Boat Tours

Explore The Intricate Waterways With Our Expertly Guided Boat Tours.

Exploring Local Markets

Ive Into Vibrant Local Markets And Uncover Unique Treasures And Souvenirs.

Friends Union by Bonfire

Create Unforgettable Memories With Friends Around A Cozy Bonfire Under The Starry Sky.

Local Cuisine Explore

Savor The Authentic Flavors Of The Sundarbans With Our Exclusive Local Cuisine Explorations.
Sundarban Deer
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Our Sundarban Tour Facilities

Royal Sundarban Tourism Offers An Unparalleled Adventure Into The Heart Of The Majestic Sundarbans. With Our Expertly Curated Tours, Guests Experience The Raw Beauty Of The World’s Largest Mangrove


The Sundarbans, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the world’s largest mangrove forest and a biodiversity hotspot. Home to the legendary Royal Bengal Tiger, it offers a unique blend of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural richness. Royal Sundarban Tourism is dedicated to providing an immersive and exhilarating experience for all nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Our meticulously planned tours ensure that every guest gets to explore the Sundarbans in all its glory, with a touch of luxury and comfort.

Why Choose Royal Sundarban Tourism?

1. Expertly Guided Tours Royal Sundarban Tourism prides itself on offering guided tours led by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Our guides are well-versed in the flora and fauna of the Sundarbans, ensuring that you gain insightful knowledge about the ecosystem. They are fluent in English, Hindi, and Bengali, making communication easy and enriching for guests from diverse backgrounds.

2. Luxurious Accommodations We provide a range of accommodation options to suit your preferences, including AC and non-AC rooms equipped with modern amenities. Our properties are designed to offer comfort and luxury amidst the wild, with 24-hour hot and cold water, room sanitization, and excellent room service.

3. Culinary Delights Experience the delectable flavors of Sundarbans with our carefully curated meals. Guests can enjoy a variety of local dishes, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available. Our culinary team ensures that each meal is a feast for the senses, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

4. Thrilling Boat Tours The Sundarbans is best explored via its intricate network of waterways. Our boat tours offer comfortable seating arrangements and all necessary facilities to ensure a pleasant journey. Navigate through the serene rivers and creeks, witnessing the rich biodiversity and the stunning landscapes.

5. Cultural Experiences Immerse yourself in the local culture with our curated experiences. From visiting traditional villages to participating in local festivals, Royal Sundarban Tourism provides a deep dive into the vibrant cultural tapestry of the region.

6. Family-Friendly Activities We understand the importance of catering to all age groups. Our tours include activities for children, such as playgrounds and kid-friendly accommodations, ensuring a fun and engaging experience for the whole family.

7. Customizable Itineraries Our tours are highly customizable to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a short getaway or an extended adventure, we can tailor the itinerary to match your schedule and preferences.

The Adventure Awaits: Activities and Experiences

1. Wildlife Safaris One of the highlights of the Sundarban adventures is the opportunity to spot the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger. Our safaris are designed to maximize your chances of wildlife sightings, including crocodiles, spotted deer, and a variety of bird species.

2. Bird Watching The Sundarbans is a paradise for bird watchers. With over 300 bird species, including the rare masked finfoot and the majestic white-bellied sea eagle, our guided bird-watching tours offer an unparalleled experience for ornithologists and casual bird lovers alike.

3. Exploring the Mangroves Delve into the dense mangrove forests with our guided treks and boat rides. Learn about the unique ecosystem and the vital role mangroves play in protecting the coastal areas and supporting a diverse range of wildlife.

4. Photography Tours Capture the breathtaking beauty of the Sundarbans with our specialized photography tours. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a professional, our tours offer ample opportunities to snap stunning pictures of the landscapes, wildlife, and local culture.

5. Night Safaris Experience the thrill of the Sundarbans after dark with our night safaris. Equipped with spotlights and guided by experts, you’ll have the chance to witness nocturnal wildlife and the serene beauty of the mangroves under the starry sky.

6. Cultural Excursions Visit local villages and interact with the indigenous communities to learn about their way of life. Participate in traditional activities and enjoy cultural performances that showcase the rich heritage of the Sundarbans.

Safety and Comfort

At Royal Sundarban Tourism, your safety and comfort are our top priorities. We adhere to strict safety protocols and provide 24/7 medical assistance with doctors on call. Our boats and accommodations are regularly sanitized, and our staff is trained to handle emergencies efficiently.

Pick-up and Drop-off Services:

Enjoy Hassle-free Travel With Our End-to-end Transportation From Kolkata. We Offer Comfortable And Air-conditioned Car Facilities For Your Convenience.


Stay In Luxury With Our Range Of Accommodations Featuring Both Ac And Non-ac Rooms. Benefit From 24-hour Hot And Cold Water, Room Sanitization, And Impeccable Room Service.


Savor The Authentic Flavors Of Sundarbans With Our Diverse Menu, Offering Both Vegetarian And Non-vegetarian Options To Delight Every Palate.

Guided Tours

Explore With Confidence On Our Guided Tours, Led By Government-authorized Guides Fluent In English, Hindi, And Bengali, Ensuring You Get The Most Informative And Engaging Experience.

Boat Tours

Experience The Sundarbans From The Water With Our Comfortable And Well-equipped Boat Tours, Featuring Special Seating Arrangements For Your Comfort.

Luxury experiences

Indulge In A Luxurious Tour Experience Perfect For Family Fun, Combining Comfort With Adventure.


Capture Breathtaking Moments With Ample Photography Opportunities That Highlight The Stunning Landscapes And Vibrant Wildlife Of The Sundarbans.

Flexible Dates

Plan Your Trip With Ease, Thanks To Our Flexible And Customizable Date Options, Tailored To Fit Your Schedule.

Kids Fun Area

Keep The Little Ones Entertained With Our Child-friendly Playground And Hotel Accommodations Designed For Family Comfort.


Enjoy A Magical Evening With A Bonfire, Complete With Cultural Programs And The Company Of Friends And Family, Creating Unforgettable Memories

Doctor on Call

Travel With Peace Of Mind Knowing We Offer 24/7 Doctor-on-call Facilities For Any Medical Emergencies.

Thrilling Experience

Embark On Super Adventurous Activities And Thrilling Experiences That Make Your Sundarbans Tour Truly Exhilarating.

Sundarban Tour 3 Days 2 night
Welcome to Royal Sundarban Tourism

Places We Are Going To Visit

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Royal Sundarban Tourism as we take you through the heart of the Sundarbans. Our meticulously crafted tours offer a unique blend of natural beauty, wildlife encounters, and cultural experiences.

Details: Sajnekhali Watch Tower is one of the most popular watchtowers in the Sundarbans, offering an excellent vantage point to observe wildlife. The tower is located near the Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary and provides views of the lush mangrove forests and numerous bird species. It’s also home to the Sajnekhali Interpretation Centre, where visitors can learn about the Sundarbans’ ecosystem and conservation efforts.


Details: Pirkhali is a region within the Sundarbans known for its dense mangrove forests and abundant wildlife. It is one of the many areas where tourists can explore the rich biodiversity of the Sundarbans. Pirkhali is famous for its narrow creeks and waterways, which are ideal for spotting crocodiles, deer, and various bird species.


Details: Banbibi Varani is named after the local deity Banbibi, who is revered as the protector of the forests and the people living there. This area is steeped in local folklore and offers a unique glimpse into the cultural and spiritual aspects of the Sundarbans. The region is characterized by its serene environment and the presence of diverse flora and fauna.


Details: Sundarkhali is another key area in the Sundarbans, known for its tranquil waters and rich wildlife. The region’s mangrove forests provide a habitat for many species, including the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarkhali’s picturesque landscape and serene atmosphere make it a favorite spot for nature lovers.


Details: Khonakhali is a notable location within the Sundarbans, famous for its intricate network of rivers and creeks. This area is ideal for boat safaris, offering tourists the chance to explore the dense mangrove forests and spot various wildlife species, including spotted deer and water monitor lizards.


Details: Choragaji is a part of the Sundarbans known for its dense forest cover and wildlife sightings. It is a less frequented area, offering a more secluded and intimate experience of the Sundarbans’ natural beauty. The region is ideal for spotting a variety of bird species and other wildlife.


Details: Deualvarani is an area within the Sundarbans that showcases the region’s rich biodiversity. The area is surrounded by dense mangrove forests and winding waterways, making it a prime location for wildlife observation. Deualvarani is known for its serene environment and picturesque views.


Details: SarakKhali is divided into two main regions, each offering unique opportunities for wildlife viewing and nature exploration. These areas are known for their dense mangrove forests and the presence of various animal species, including crocodiles, deer, and numerous bird species. Boat safaris through SarakKhali provide a chance to experience the untouched beauty of the Sundarbans.


Details: Gazikhali is a scenic area in the Sundarbans, characterized by its lush mangrove forests and winding waterways. This region is perfect for boat safaris and offers excellent opportunities to spot wildlife such as crocodiles, deer, and various bird species. The tranquil environment of Gazikhali makes it a favorite among nature enthusiasts.


Details: Nobanki is a region within the Sundarbans known for its dense mangrove cover and rich biodiversity. The area is ideal for exploring the natural beauty of the Sundarbans and spotting wildlife. Boat safaris in Nobanki provide an immersive experience of the region’s unique ecosystem.


Details: Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower is one of the most popular watchtowers in the Sundarbans, offering panoramic views of the forest and its inhabitants. It is an excellent spot for observing wildlife, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted deer, and various bird species. The tower is strategically located to provide a broad view of the surrounding mangrove forests and waterways.


Details: Panchamukhni, or the Five River Junction, is a unique spot in the Sundarbans where five rivers converge. This area is known for its stunning natural beauty and rich biodiversity. The junction offers a unique vantage point for observing the dynamic interplay of the rivers and the surrounding mangrove forests. It is a prime location for spotting a variety of wildlife.


Details: The Hamilton Bungalow and Rabindranath Tagore Bungalow are two historical sites in the Sundarbans that offer a glimpse into the region’s colonial past. The Hamilton Bungalow was once the residence of a British administrator, while the Rabindranath Tagore Bungalow is associated with the famous Bengali poet. Both bungalows are situated in picturesque locations and provide a unique perspective on the cultural and historical heritage of the Sundarban.


Unforgatable Sundarban Tour activities

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Sundarbans, where every activity—from exhilarating safaris and serene boat rides to captivating cultural performances


Our tours prioritize your well-being with trained professionals and top-notch safety measures. Feel secure as you explore the wild beauty of the Sundarbans.

Knowledgeable Guides

: Our experienced guides enrich your journey with fascinating insights into the Sundarbans' unique ecosystem. Discover the secrets of the jungle from local experts.


Enjoy a serene and personal experience with our small group sizes and private tour options. We ensure your adventure remains intimate and undisturbed.


Travel in comfort with well-maintained boats and air-conditioned vehicles. We prioritize your ease and relaxation throughout the tour.

Scenic Views

Bask in the breathtaking vistas of the Sundarbans, from lush forests to stunning sunsets. Our tours highlight the natural beauty of this unique landscape.

Cultural Immersion

Dive deep into the local culture with village walks and traditional performances. Experience the authentic way of life in the Sundarbans.

Unique Perspective

Gain a different view of the forest from elevated canopy walks. See the Sundarbans from angles few get to experience.


Engage actively with hands-on activities like fishing, crabbing, and participating in local dances. Our tours are designed for immersive, interactive fun.


Embrace the traditional ways of the Sundarbans through local cuisine and age-old fishing techniques. Connect with the region's rich heritage.

Sundarban Tiger Safari
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Discover the Magic of the Sundarban Hilsa Festival!

We “royal Sundarban Tourism” Assuring You That You Will Get The Best Value For The Services You Are Paying For, We Provide The Best Sundarban Tour Experience.

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Sundarban Ilish Utsab From Kolkata

Experience the best of the Sundarban Ilish Utsab from Kolkata! Join us for a delicious Hilsa feast and explore the beauty of the Sundarbans. Book now!

Ilish Festival Sundarban 1 Day Tour
₹2799/ Head, ₹1399 for kids of 4- 8 years.
Delicious Menu, Experienced Tour Guide, Personal Car + Group Boat Ride. 12 Regular Spots,.
165 Reviews (4.9)
Ilish Festival Sundarban Tour 3 Days 2 Night
₹5500/ Head, ₹6500/ Head AC Room, ₹2750 kid of
4- 8 years.

AC/Non AC Tour, AC Deluxe Cottage, Delicious Menu, Experienced Tour Guide, Personal Car. 12 Regular Spots, Folk Dance, Car, Boat, Room Cleaning, Packages with AC and without AC.
200 Reviews(4.8)
Ilish Festival Sundarban Boat Tour 3 Days 2 Nights
₹5500/ Head, ₹6500/ Head AC Room, ₹2750 kid of
4- 8 years.

AC/Non AC Tour, AC Deluxe Cottage, Delicious Menu, Experienced Tour Guide, Personal Car. 12 Regular Spots, Folk Dance, Car, Boat, Room Cleaning, Packages with AC and without AC.
365 Reviews (4.7)
Ilish Festival Sundarban Tour 2 Days 1 night >
₹4500/ Head, ₹5000/ Head AC Room, ₹2250 kid of
4- 8 years.

AC/Non AC Tour, AC Deluxe Cottage, Delicious Menu, Experienced Tour Guide, Personal Car. 12 Regular Spots, Folk Dance, Car, Boat, Room Cleaning, Packages with AC and without AC.
256 Reviews (4.9)
সুন্দরবন: প্রাকৃতিক সান্দর্ভিক অদ্ভুত অভিজ্ঞতা

Sundarban Tour: Where Nature Meets Adventure

Plan your trip with ease, thanks to our flexible and customizable date options, tailored to fit your schedule.


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(FAQ) About the Sundarban Ilish Festival

Experience the best of the Sundarban Ilish Utsab from Kolkata! Join us for a delicious Hilsa feast and explore the beauty of the Sundarbans. Book now!

Ilish Utsab

The Sundarban Ilish Festival is an annual celebration dedicated to the Hilsa fish, a beloved delicacy in Bengali cuisine. The festival, also known as the Sundarban Ilish Utsab, features a variety of Hilsa dishes, traditional music, and cultural events, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Sundarbans region.

The Sundarban Ilish Festival typically takes place during the Hilsa season, which is from September to November. Exact dates may vary each year, so please check our official website or contact us for the specific dates of this year’s festival.

The Sundarban Ilish Festival is held in the Sundarbans, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the southern part of West Bengal, India. The festival’s main venue is situated in the heart of the Sundarbans, offering visitors stunning views and a serene environment.

To get to the Sundarban Ilish Festival from Kolkata, you can book a tour package that includes transportation from Kolkata to the Sundarbans. Options include private car rentals, group tours, and boat transfers. For more details on travel arrangements, please visit our website or contact our booking team.

At the Sundarban Ilish Festival, you can expect a range of activities including:

  • Delicious Hilsa Dishes: Enjoy a variety of traditional Hilsa preparations such as Bhapa Ilish, Ilish Paturi, and Ilish Bhuna.
  • Cultural Performances: Experience traditional Bengali music and dance performances.
  • Local Crafts and Souvenirs: Browse stalls selling local crafts, souvenirs, and traditional Sundarbans products.
  • Scenic Tours: Explore the natural beauty of the Sundarbans with guided tours and boat rides.

The Sundarban Ilish Festival menu features an array of Hilsa dishes, including:

  • Bhapa Ilish: Steamed Hilsa with mustard and spices.
  • Ilish Paturi: Hilsa wrapped in banana leaves and cooked with spices.
  • Ilish Bhuna: Hilsa fish cooked in a rich, spicy gravy.
  • Ilish Korma: Hilsa in a creamy, spiced sauce.
  • Ilish Pola: Hilsa fish cooked in a traditional Bengali style.

While the Sundarban Ilish Festival primarily focuses on Hilsa fish dishes, there are also vegetarian options available. These include a variety of Bengali vegetarian dishes, such as lentil curry, vegetable fritters, and traditional sweets.


Tickets for the Sundarban Ilish Festival can be purchased through our official website, at authorized travel agencies, or at the festival’s entrance on the day of the event (subject to availability). For advance bookings and group discounts, please visit our ticketing page or contact our sales team.


Yes, there are several accommodation options available for festival-goers, ranging from luxury resorts to budget hotels and eco-lodges in the Sundarbans. We offer festival packages that include both accommodation and festival entry. For reservations, please check our website or contact our customer service team.


When attending the Sundarban Ilish Festival, we recommend bringing:

  • Comfortable Clothing: Light and breathable clothing for the warm climate.
  • Sunscreen and Hat: Protection from the sun during outdoor activities.
  • Camera: To capture the beautiful scenery and memorable moments.
  • Cash: For purchasing food, souvenirs, and other items, as not all vendors may accept cards.

Yes, the Sundarban Ilish Festival features a variety of special events and performances, including:

  • Traditional Music and Dance: Enjoy performances by local artists showcasing Bengali folk music and dance.
  • Cooking Demonstrations: Watch live cooking demonstrations of Hilsa dishes by expert chefs.
  • Cultural Workshops: Participate in workshops exploring Bengali culture and crafts.

Absolutely! The Sundarban Ilish Festival is designed to be a family-friendly event with activities and attractions for all ages. Children can enjoy the cultural performances and explore the festival grounds, while adults can savor the delicious food and participate in the various activities.


We prioritize the safety and well-being of all our guests. The Sundarban Ilish Festival adheres to strict safety protocols, including:

  • Health and Hygiene Standards: Regular sanitization of food and public areas.
  • Medical Assistance: On-site medical facilities and first aid services.
  • Security Measures: Trained security personnel for the safety of all attendees.
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