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You Probably Didn’t Know Facts About Tigers 2022

Facts About Tigers: Tigers are often looked at as being one among the foremost beautiful yet ferocious animals and maybe this is often a sole driving factor that creates them even more interesting creatures. But sadly, they need to come to the verge of being categorized as endangered, because of human sloppiness and prudence. As a wildlife lover with a keen interest in large cats, I enjoy visiting wildlife sanctuaries but the question remains, how well do I or we all know about this exotic animal? We’re often clouded by many misconceptions about other large cat species, but hopefully, you’ll learn something about them through this blog where I’ve listed some facts about tigers. Spoiler alert – you’d be knowing a number of the facts already but what the hell!

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1. Tigers are the most important amongst other wild cats

You probably knew that Royal Bengal Tigers are the most important amongst other wild cats but did you furthermore may know that the male Tigers weigh up to 300 kilograms. Jazz! That’s like weighing a gaggle of six average humans. All they need to try to do is sit on top of you licking their paws, you’d be dead instantly.

2. A punch from a Tiger may kill you

Leaving aside Tigers enormous body size, just check out their front-hands/legs, if you’ve got a pet Tiger and a brutal enemy, you would possibly also send them for a fistfight. Kidding, you can’t have a pet tiger, it’s illegal! it’s said that one swipe from a Tiger’s front hand is enough to kill an individual or an animal, or a minimum of break one’s bones.

3. Tigers are nocturnal animals

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It is not necessarily true that each one Tigers are nocturnal but yes, they are doing prefer engaging in most of their hunting activities in the dark. the rationale behind this is often that Tigers prefer avoiding human conflict during daylight and also patrol around their territory in the dark.

4. Tiger cubs are born blind and only half the cubs survive

The saddest part is that Tiger cubs are born blind and only a couple of surviving. Literally, the newborn cubs can’t see anything, they only follow the scent of their mother. Since they’re born blind and can’t continue, most of them die of hunger or cold. Some even get eaten by male Tigers to form the Tigress available for mating. That’s just insane!

5. Tigers like to swim and play within the water

Unlike the domestic cats, its larger version enjoys spending time within the water and that they like to swim for hours. Since cubs, female Tigers encourage or help learn the art of hunting, they even have the power to kill within the water. And as adults, it’s said that they will swim for several kilometres and even have reported one to swim for 30 km in only each day .

6. Tigers live for about 25 years

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The anticipation of Tigers is between 20-25 years whether or not they are kept in captivity or within the wild. However, most die before the age of 20, like as an example, the death of a nineteen-year-old Machli in Ranthambore park, Rajasthan, India. The oldest living Tiger thus far was 25-year-old Flavel, a circus-rescued, sheltered during a zoo in Tampa, Florida.

7. a gaggle of Tigers are called an ambush or streak

The Tigers are forced into unnatural situations where they’re to share or stay-put under certain areas during a man-made environment, that’s once they are called as ambush or streak, even a Tigress with their cubs is named an ambush.

8. Tigers can mate with other big cats

Tigers also can mate with other big cats, for instance, if a male Tiger mate with a female Lion, the hybrid born animal is understood as Tigon. they’re the most important cat species and may grow bigger than Liger which may be a mixed breed of male Lion and feminine Tiger. the peak of a Liger is about 4.5 feet while on all four legs and about 6 feet tall when standing.

Note: you’ll find Tigons in a minimum of nine countries that include the USA, Czech Republic, China, Iran, Russia, India, UAE and Argentina. Crossbreeding of tigers are banned in Taiwan.

9. Tigers have antiseptic saliva

Perhaps, an honest side of Tigers is that they need antiseptic saliva, so whenever you get a bruise and need to disinfect them, visit the doctor Tiger, just kidding! Usually what they are doing is, they have a tendency to lick the world so as to stop any infection.

10. Tigers can sprint at over 60 kilometres/hour

Not the fastest runner within the Animalia but the very fact that Tigers have very strong legs make them sprint more or but 60 kilometres per hour, but it’s only possible for brief distances.

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