Is The Sundarbans Worth Going

Is the Sundarbans worth going to nowadays since tigers can’t be seen anymore?

Is the Sundarbans worth going to: Sunderban takes a little longer to reach than other tourist destinations, especially if you are coming from Kolkata. However, once you’ve arrived, it’s frequently tough to return to the frenzy of the city. Sunderbans National Park is known for its fleeting beauty. This tribal community is a REAL Experience, with nothing but water and jungles as far as the eye can reach. Fortunately, commercialization hasn’t ruined it too much. All around you will see modest country life and beautiful nature.

Sundarban Tourism

Travelling with my parents, sister, and two kids — this was a family trip where we left our separate husbands and went back in time with our parents, with our toddlers as the sole addition. During our winter break in December, we decided to take the Rajdhani Express from Delhi to Kolkata. And it was the biggest blunder, or should I say #travelfail.

The train ride seemed to go on forever. The train was delayed beyond rationality due to our beloved railroads’ lamentable inability to control fog. Because there was no food left, the bathrooms got stinkier and the food became scarce. Khichdi was provided in Rajdhani. Our children, oblivious to all of this, continued to bounce around like the new monkey avatar to the point that we gave up on maintaining hygienic standards such as hand sanitization and keeping shoes on when feet fall to the ground. As a result, our Nature path adventure began.

Sundarban Tourism

Finally, we arrived in Kolkata, had a brief shower because we hadn’t showered in three days, and boarded the car to begin our journey from Kolkata to Sunderban. We were nervously waiting for Sunderban as we passed through villages and a decent deal of unexpected traffic, continually cribbing on the side that we should have selected a different destination like Goa, which is only a 2-hour flight away.

Finally, on the Sunderban ghats, we had to wait in the sun for a bit in the midst of a crowd until our boat arrived and we settled aboard.

The Perfect Combination of Calming Breeze and Traditional Bengali Cuisine

The moist chilly air of the lake caressed our skin, the wide greens eased our eyes, and all the tension and exhaustion of the voyage vanished in an instant as the boat began to chug and we left the people behind. Add to that soul-satisfying real Bengali food prepared, presented, and served with affection right on the boat – bhaat (rice), moong-r-dal (lentils), macher-jhol (fresh fish curry), aloo jhuri bhaja (fine potato fries), and aam chutney (mango and jiggery chutney).

Sundarban Tourism

We were not just in Nature’s sanctuary, but also in gastronomic nirvana for the following three days — prawns, baby crab, luchi, and various fish and chutney – foodgasm at its finest! The best part is that everything is prepared on the boat, so you can watch, propose, or order at any moment. Laal cha was our favourite (Red tea -basically tea with leaves and a dash of lemon). No green tea has ever tasted as good as this. Combine this with prawn pakodi and a magnificent view of the Sunderban as you gently saunter away on your boat in quest of the elusive Bengal Tiger.

The picturesque Sundarban National Park in India may have a plethora of intriguing wildlife sites spread over its length and width, but it is one spot that gives a pure and enthralling habitat, not just for the animals but also for the tourists.

Sundarban Tourism

It gets its name from the Sundari Mangrove plant, which grows in profusion here. Sundarbans is India’s most beautiful and seductive National Park, with numerous rivers and tributaries, canals, and islands. It’s also home to one of the world’s most distinctive and expansive mangrove ecosystems.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is well-known for its stunning orange black-striped Royal Bengal Tigers and is a great site to witness wildlife at its best. Aside from that, this national park, which spans 102 islands on the Indian side, has a number of tiny enclosures, such as crocodile and turtle farms, as well as wildlife museums and watchtowers. A few wildlife sanctuaries can be found on the Sundarban Islands of Lothian and Halliday, which can greatly enhance your Sundarban Wildlife trip.

Sundarban Tourism

The park is well connected to local cities by highways, trains, and rivers, as well as to the rest of the globe via airways. Tourists come from all over the world to see the forest not only for the wild creatures but also for the beautiful scenery of the quiet delta area. Water transporters that sail in numerous river channels that split the area into deltas may be used to explore the forest. For the Safari, the park is open all year, but if you know when the ideal time to visit Sundarbans National Park is, you can arrange your trip appropriately to make your visit more fun and exciting. Lets us know more about Is the Sundarbans worth going

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The months of October to March are considered the finest months to visit the Sundarbans National Park since the weather is more favourable during these months than at any other time of the year. The winter season is ideal for not just a relaxing day excursion through the deep forest, but also for excellent wildlife sightings as animals emerge from the forest to bathe in the sun on the riverbanks. Lets us know more about Is the Sundarbans worth going

Sundarban Tourism

In this lovely weather, you may enjoy the boat safari as well as the many native foods that you will encounter while on the boat throughout your day safari. Aside from the winter season, travelling during the other seasons is significantly less comfortable for Sundarbans Safaris for many reasons. Lets us know more about Is the Sundarbans worth going.

The summer season is quite unpleasant because of the extremely hot heat, which is terrible throughout the daylight. If you book a non-AC boat during the summer, you will have the worst trip of your life since you will be unable to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings and magnificent fauna owing to the oppressive heat on the deck. The monsoon season in the Sundarbans is known for its heavy rains, which cause the water levels of the rivers that run through the forest to rise, making the safari in tiny boats a bit perilous.

Sundarban Tourism

Visiting Sundarbans During Summer (April to June):

The weather in the Sundarbans is extremely hot from April to June, with maximum temperatures ranging from 30 to 42 degrees Celsius and considerable humidity. The scorching weather is inconvenient for travellers, therefore now is not the best season to explore the Sundarbans.

Visiting Sundarbans During Monsoon (July to September):

Sundarban Tourism

The monsoon season, which lasts from July to September, brings torrential rains to the Sundarbans, causing the water level to rise above usual, making a boat safari dangerous. The rainy season, while providing much-needed relief for the natural flora and wildlife after the summer, is not the best time to explore the Sundarbans. Lets us know more about Is the Sundarbans worth going. Lets us know more about Is the Sundarbans worth going.

Visiting Sundarbans During Winter (October to March):

The greatest time to visit the Sundarbans is from October to March when the weather is favourable. Except for a few days of bitter cold, the weather has been pleasant for the whole period of the aforesaid time span, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. You will be able to appreciate the Sundarbans’ flora and wildlife as well as the raw forest’s splendour without any bother.

Where To stay in sundarban

We Sundarban Tourism is a service provided by the Royal Sundarban. There are tour packages ranging in duration from two to four nights available. A private three-day package for two persons will cost roughly 10,000 rupees. Transportation from Kolkata, lodging, all meals, boat cruises, naturalist and local guide, park admission costs, village experience, and country boat trip are all included. There are also options for customised birdwatching trips.
From Kolkata, choose your most deluxe Sundarban travel package. Royal Sundarban Tourism will ensure that your Sundarban vacation is one to remember. Lets us know more about Is the Sundarbans worth going. Lets us know more about Is the Sundarbans worth going.

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