Sundarban Forests Rapidly Vanishing

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We can discuss more Sundarban Forests Rapidly Vanishing: Scientists from the UK have cautioned that the Bengal tiger’s home, the Sundarbans, mangrove forests, are rapidly vanishing and endangering the species.

In the Sundarbans, which span portions of Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal, mangrove health is rapidly deteriorating, leading to as much as 200 meters of coastline vanishing in a single year, according to a paper by scientists from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). We can discuss more Sundarban Forests Rapidly Vanishing.

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“Our findings point to a fast disappearing shoreline that cannot be explained by the Sundarbans’ typical dynamics. “Degradation is occurring quickly, reducing this natural barrier for Bangladesh and India,” said Dr Nathalie Pettorelli of ZSL, who is also the paper’s senior author. We can discuss more Sundarban Forests Rapidly Vanishing.

According to the paper, natural defences against tidal surges and cyclones are deteriorating at alarming rates as human activity advances and the earth’s temperature rises.

If nothing is done to halt it, this will unavoidably result in species loss in this very biodiverse region of the planet, it said.

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We are all aware of how magnificent and vibrant Sundarban is. In addition to being stunning, Sundarban has a fascinating history. It boasts an enormous diversity of plants and animals. The forest takes up a sizable portion of the surface of the world due to its size. However, its beauty is being eroded and degraded by deforestation.

Because of its vast forest acreage and many forms of wildlife, Sundarban is protected by UNESCO. However, because of its location as a delta on a sizable region surrounded by water, the Sundarban is frequently destroyed by natural disasters. Even though those who care about the environment are making various efforts to stop this damage, it is still occurring. We can discuss more Sundarban Forests Rapidly Vanishing.

Several factors cause harm to forests, including • Tree cutting

• Trees and loose soil that is carried away by floodwaters.

• Wildland fire.

Because these forests are home to so many different species of birds and wild animals, UNESCO has taken many actions to preserve the trees. They find sanctuary here and feel secure without having an impact on the local population. As a result, if these animals lose their habitat, they will haphazardly approach the nearby villages and cities, disrupting social order.

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The importance of protecting the forest:

1. Keep the environment in the right balance.

2. Provide sufficient life gases and oxygen to humans.

3. The healing herbs protect us from a variety of illnesses.

4. A haven for wildlife and birds.

5. Offers defence against several dangerous environmental disasters.

If we still do not become aware and take appropriate action to safeguard the forest, then one day this negligence may have an impact on you. Therefore, it is preferable to be informed than to later regret. We can discuss more Sundarban Forests Rapidly Vanishing.

Take care of the forest:

It is our responsibility to look for the forest and keep it safe from outside threats or issues. Let’s complete it together. We can discuss more Sundarban Forests Rapidly Vanishing.

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