Super Cyclone Amphan

Facts About Super Cyclone Amphan And How It Affects Sundarban Tourism 2022

Sundarban Tourism

Here’s what we know about Cyclone Amphan 

On Wednesday afternoon local time, Cyclone Amphan made landfall in eastern India.

The following are the most recent cyclone updates:

The victims: At least 12 people have perished in eastern India, according to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, with one little girl in the Howrah district dying after a wall from her home fell.

The damage: Thousands of homes in Bangladesh were devastated just over the border. Thousands of temporary dwellings in Bangladesh have been uprooted as a result of the storm, according to Bangladesh Oxfam head Dipankar Datta in an interview with CNN’s Hala Gorani on Wednesday.

Millions evacuated: According to Enamur Rahaman, Bangladesh’s state minister for disaster management and assistance, 2.4 million people had been evacuated by Wednesday, with evacuees from coastal districts being moved to more than 12,000 cyclone shelters.

In the last 150 years, no cyclone has impacted Bengal or any other portion of India. That implies neither our parents nor we, nor our grandparents, have ever witnessed a storm like this. We have no idea where we are going or what our future holds. However, the most terrifying thing right now is Amphan, and this storm has taken a toll on our lives. Whether we were immediately touched by the storm or it affected us mentally, the reality is that it has had an impact on us. In any case. Let’s know more about Super Cyclone Amphan.

In this post, you will learn about five facts concerning Cyclone Amphan and how it affects Sundarban tourism. So, let us not waste any more time and go right to the point.

Sundarban Tourism

Five facts about Amphan:

1. According to NASA, Amphan is equivalent to five hurricanes at once. Bengal has been attacked by this catastrophic storm like a tiger on the prowl. This is not only a historic occasion for Bengal, but also a catastrophic disaster.

  1. 2. Amphan’s speed: Amphan’s wind speed per hour ranged from 155 to 166 kilometres per hour. It then climbed to 186 every hour. This aggravated the situation and threw everything off. Let’s know more about Super Cyclone Amphan.
  2. 3. People are homeless: This storm primarily affected Bengal’s village areas, where the dwellings are not robust enough and there are many trees. The trees toppled and the houses were driven away by the wind. The power went off.  Let’s know more about Super Cyclone Amphan.
  3. 4. Warlike situation: There is no need for a war; the storm has generated a warlike condition on its own. There is no food, people are homeless, there is no power, and everything is out of hand. Let’s know more about Super Cyclone Amphan.

Now let’s talk about,

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Sundarban Tourism:

When it comes to Sundarban tourism, no one knows when things will return to normal. It does not come with a guarantee. Sundarban must first be restored to its former glory. Then something could be considered. Sundarban will remain in its current state of devastation for the time being, and no one knows when things will return to normal. Let’s know more about Super Cyclone Amphan.

Closing it:

Finally, only one thing remains to be said: pray for Bengal, pray for the globe, and pray for each and every human soul. Everything is breaking apart, so let’s put it back together.

Pray! Pray! Pray!

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