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Sundarbans: Exploring the Jungle by Boat

The Sundarbans have always held a great deal of interest for me ever since I was a young lad and read “The Hungry Tide.” 2019 marked the first time I went to the park, and I’ve been there multiple times since then. On Google Maps, the mangrove forest is depicted as a thin strip of greenery running parallel to the coast, which is then cut through by a network of blue veins. However, as you reach the Godkhali Ghat ferry point and board a boat, the Sundarbans reveal themselves to be a vast and mysterious jungle. Here, legends are said to have originated, and tigers are said to reign supreme.

Sundarban Tourism

The boat trip I took on my last visit to the Sundarbans yielded some amazing wildlife encounters, because of my crew, especially my guide Royal Sundarban Tourism.

Sundarban tour by boat

My companion was looking around the jungle with his binoculars on the second day, and as he was doing so from the Sudhanyakhali watchtower, he noticed a Felis bengalensis, which is an extremely uncommon and elusive species. A few fleeting moments passed as we observed the beautiful cat before it disappeared into the surrounding foliage. In addition, I was able to capture an image of the elusive green-bellied malkoha while I was standing in the same location.

On another occasion, as we were in the neighborhood of the Panchamukhani Zone eating lunch, we overheard a tiger making a low growling sound. We completely ignored our food in order to search the mangrove thicket thoroughly. Suddenly, the roar of another tiger could be heard piercing the air. My guide had a feeling that it was a pair that was going to mate.

As our boat continued to go forward at a leisurely pace, the strain increased. An enormous male Bengal tiger appeared out of nowhere approximately thirty feet away from us, hidden in the overgrown bushes and trees.

He stands there for anything between ten and fifteen minutes while we take photographs of him before ambling off into the woods. By keeping near the middle of the river, we were soon able to observe a large female with a tawny coat. She stalked down the banks of the river before vanishing into the dense undergrowth. Their sporadic roars continued, and later on, in the day, we heard them pursuing a large group of chital.

On another evening as we were leaving the protected area around the time tea was served, Mrityunjay observed two enormous saltwater crocodiles swimming towards us at an incredible speed. Soon enough, they were swimming in close proximity to our boat, either side by side or behind one another.

Then, to everyone’s amazement, the crocodile that had been trailing behind suddenly picked up speed and caught the one that had been in front of it. Because the titans were having a fierce battle, all hell broke loose, and the river became choppy as a direct result of the conflict. When it came time for me to say my goodbyes to the crew, I couldn’t help but choke back tears of appreciation for having been able to see this.

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Sundarban Tour By Boat

The only way to traverse the park’s mucky terrain is via boat, as there are no other access points. Walking is not allowed within the forest due to safety concerns, with the exception of going around the watchtowers in the company of a guide who will act as an escort. Permission to enter the forest is required from dawn until sunset and can be obtained from the Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, Pirkhali, Lebu Khali, Bonbibi Varani, Panchamukhani, Netidhopani, Dobanki, Sarakkhali, and Choragaji zones of the forest by the department of the forest. In these more open areas of the forest, it is not unusual to come across a large number of other boats as well.

The environment, which is characterized by blue reflections on dark green waterways, does not differ greatly from one region to the next, but each of these areas has its own unique appeal. There is a possibility that the Sudhanyakhali Watchtower is a well-known sight. It is situated approximately 25 kilometers away from Canning and may be reached by boat. At the base of the tower is a shrine where visitors can pay their respects to the forest goddess Bonbibi in the hopes of spotting tigers and then watching the sunrise from there.

Visitors are able to get a better look at the mangrove vegetation and ecosystem at the Dobanki Watchtower, which features a covered walkway. Additionally recommended are walks in the village led by a guide. When the sun goes down, guests are required to head back to their resorts or to one of the designated areas where boats can anchor for the night.

Sundarban Tourism


Sundarban Tour By Boat.

In spite of the fact that the Bengal tiger reigns supreme in the Sundarbans, this diverse ecosystem is home to a great number of other kinds of animals and birds. The Felis bengalensis, sometimes known as the fishing cat, and the Felis chaus are two more species of felines. Chital deer, rhesus macaques, and boar are some of the species that live in the trees. Otters, water monitor lizards, Irrawaddy dolphins, Gangetic dolphins, and saltwater crocodiles are some of the animals that live in the water. There are also slithering snakes and colourful birds of every imaginable kind.

Finding animals can be a lot more enjoyable with the help of a naturalist who is committed to the cause and a wildlife photographer. Way2Wild provides inquiry and photography trips with knowledgeable trackers and naturalists (Royal Sundarban Tourism; Rs 4999 /-per person for a 2-night/3-day picture tour; includes all meals, jungle cruises, and transfers to and from Kolkata).

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Sundarban Tour By Boat.

The park is accessible at all times of the year. The months of August through the middle of February offer the best weather for traveling, while the months of October through January are the busiest and most popular due to the favorable tide conditions. From about the middle of March through the middle of July, the weather can be somewhat unpredictable. The Sajnekhali forest office is typically the place to go to receive the necessary permits.

The safaris typically go from sunrise to twilight every day. Boat permits cost Rs. 400 per person in all other zones, with the exception of the inner Netidhopani zone, which is located close to the main area and costs Rs. 800 per permit. Visitors are charged between 60 and 120 rupees, depending on the time of year. It is common practice to obtain all forest licenses from the Sajnekhali forest office, which is located approximately an hour and a half away from Godkhali.

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Sundarban Tour By Boat.

The nearest airport is Kolkata, which is about 100 km/3 hr north of the Godkhali Ghat ferry point. From Godkhali, the remainder of the journey is by boat. Boat charges range from Rs 3500 per day counting on the craft and therefore the season (Nov-Jan are peak months). Most resorts can arrange a ship safari; 


Boats the simplest thanks to enjoy the Sundarbans is to take a seat on a ship in the middle of the river with a hot cup of tea, taking note of the stories of the naturalists and boatmen. Boats are often hired from Godkhali Ghat, and most have kitchens, beds, and bathrooms.

Where to Stay:

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