Sundarban tour by boat

Sundarbans: Exploring the Jungle by Boat 2022

Ever since I read “The Hungry Tide as a boy”, I’ve been fascinated with the Sundarbans. I first visited the park in 2019, and are back repeatedly since. On Google Maps, the mangrove forest appears as a little patch of green along the coast, crisscrossed by veins of blue. But once you get to Godkhali Ghat ferry point and depart during a boat, the Sundarbans emerge as an immense, mysterious jungle, a birthplace of myths that are ruled by tigers. Sundarban

Sundarban Tourism
Sundarban Tour By Boat

The boat trip I took on my last visit to the Sundarbans yielded some amazing wildlife encounters, because of my crew, especially my guide Royal Sundarban Tourism.

Sundarban tour by boat
Sundarban tour by boat

On the second day, My friend was scanning the forest from the Sudhanyakhali watchtower together with his binoculars, when he spotted a rare and elusive Felis bengalensis . We watched the graceful feline for a couple of seconds before it vanished into the forest. I also managed to photograph the seldom seen green-bellied malkoha from an equivalent spot.

Another day, we heard a tiger growling near the Panchamukhani Zone while sitting right down to lunch. Ignoring our food, we scanned every inch of the mangrove thicket. Suddenly, another tiger’s call pierced the air. My guide guessed it’d be a mating pair. the strain grew as our boat cruised slowly forward. Suddenly, about 30 feet faraway from us, behind the scraggy trees, was an immense male Bengal tiger.

He allows us to photograph him for a leisurely 10 to fifteen minutes before ambling into the forest. Sticking to the centre of the river, we soon spotted an outsized female with a tawny coat, who prowled along the banks before disappearing into the thicket. Their intermittent roars continued, and later within the day, we heard them chasing a gaggle of chital.

Another evening, even as we left the protected area around teatime, Mrityunjay spotted two huge saltwater crocodiles swimming towards us at a fantastic pace. Soon, they were right beside our boat, swimming behind one another or side by side. Then, amazingly, the trailing crocodile gained speed, catching the opposite one all of sudden . All hell broke loose and therefore the river turned turbulent because the titans engaged during a dramatic fight. I teared up in gratitude for having witnessed this when it came time to mention my goodbyes to the crew.

Sundarban Tourism


Sundarban Tour By Boat

Because of the muddy terrain, the sole thanks to exploring the park is by boat. thanks to safety reasons walking within the forest are prohibited, apart from round the watchtowers, with a guide as an escort. The forest department issues dawn-to-dusk permits for the forest’s various zones: Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, Pirkhali, Lebu Khali, Bonbibi Varani, Panchamukhani, Netidhopani, Dobanki, Sarakkhali, and Choragaji. it’s common to ascertain many other boats also in these open parts of the forest.

The landscape—a blue reflected on dark green waters—does not vary much between these zones, but each has its own charm. The Sudhanyakhali Watchtower may be a well-known viewpoint, located about 25 kilometres from Canning and accessible by boat. Visitors can catch the sunrise then pray for a tiger sighting to the forest goddess Bonbibi at a shrine located at the tower’s base. At the Dobanki Watchtower, a cover walk allows visitors a better check out the mangrove vegetation and habitat. Guided village walks also are recommended. At sunset, visitors must return to their resorts or specified spots where boats can anchor for the night.

Sundarban Tourism


Sundarban Tour By Boat.

Though the Bengal tiger is the king of the Sundarbans, there are many other species of beasts and birds during this rich habitat. Others felines include the Felis bengalensis, fishing cat, and Felis chaus. Chital deer, rhesus macaques, and boar hide among the trees, and water animals include otters, water monitor lizards, Irrawaddy dolphins, Gangetic dolphins, and saltwater crocodiles. There also are elusive snakes and vibrant birds of all sorts.

A dedicated naturalist and wildlife photographer can make spotting animals far more rewarding. Way2Wild organises inquiry and photography tours with experienced trackers and naturalists (Royal Sundarban Tourism; Rs 4999 /-per person for a 2-night/3-day photo tour; includes all meals, jungle cruises, and transfers to and from Kolkata).

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Sundarban Tour By Boat.

The park is open throughout the year. August to mid-February are the more pleasant months to go to , and October to January the foremost popular, with perfect tidal conditions. The weather gets temperamental from mid-March to July. Permits are often obtained from the Sajnekhali forest office. The safaris usually happen from dawn to dusk. Boat permit is Rs 400 per person for all other zones except the inside Netidhopani zone, which is near the core area and costs Rs 800. Visitors pay Rs 60-120 counting on the season. All forest permits are often obtained from Sajnekhali forest office which is an hour and a half from Godkhali.


Sundarban Tour By Boat.

The nearest airport is Kolkata, which is about 100 km/3 hr north of the Godkhali Ghat ferry point. From Godkhali, the remainder of the journey is by boat. Boat charges range from Rs 3500 per day counting on the craft and therefore the season (Nov-Jan are peak months). Most resorts can arrange a ship safari; 


Boats the simplest thanks to enjoy the Sundarbans is to take a seat on a ship within the middle of the river with a hot cup of tea, taking note of the stories of the naturalists and boatmen. Boats are often hired from Godkhali Ghat, and most have kitchens, beds, and bathrooms.

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