How do I travel to Sundarban from Kolkata

How do I travel to Sundarban from Kolkata?

How do I travel to Sundarban from Kolkata? : Sundarbans National Park, which has received a UNESCO World Heritage Status, is one of India’s most famous sites of wildlife. The Tiger Reserve is located on the Ganga River, Brahmaputra River, and Meghna River Delta. A Sundarbans tour is a lifetime experience.

Sundarban Tourism

Sundarban from Kolkata can be reached in various ways. Sundakhali via Canning or Bagna via Dhamakhali is the entry point into the Sundarban Tiger Reserve. The entry points are Namkhana, Raidighi, or Jharkhali via Canning / Basanti to reach the South 24 Parganas Forest Division on the west side of the Malta River. The STR is located in Canning, Sonakhali, and Bagna, and the west Sundarban Forest is located in Canning, Namkhana, and Raidighi. Let’s know more about how do I travel to Sundarban from Kolkata? Let’s know more about how do I travel to Sundarban from Kolkata?

Sundarban Tourism

Reach Sundarban by Air

The nearest airport is the Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport in Kolkata. The airport is well connected to major cities of India through regular flights of various carriers. Cabs can be hired from the airport to reach Sundarbans which takes around 3 hours to reach.

By air, The Sundarban is not accessible quickly. The airport is situated 120 km from the Sundarbans safari starting point in the port of Godkhali, and to arrive at the Sundarban national park in India, the closest airport is Kolkata. You can also rent a taxi or a bus from the airport in Kolkata to Godkhali, which will take approximately 3 hours by road.

Sundarban Tourism

Reach Sundarban by Train

The nearest major railway station is the Sealdah Railway Station and the nearest local railway station is Canning Railway Station. The Sealdah Railway Station is one of the prime Railway Junction in West Bengal and is located on the main route of the northeast railway zone and connected to the various cities of India by regular trains. So, you can visit the Sealdah railway junction from other corners of India and then reach the Canning railway station by using the local trains from Sealdah which will take around one and a half-hour of the train ride. Let’s know more about how do I travel to Sundarban from Kolkata?

Further, you can take the private taxi or shared public transport at the Canning to reach the entry point of Sunderbans at Godkhali to board the boat for the safari.

Sundarban Tourism

By train, Sealdah is the nearest train station and Canning is the nearest train station. One of the major junctions of West Bengal is Sealdah Railway Station on the major northeastern rail route and linked by regular train to the different cities of India. Then you can travel from other parts of India via the Sealdah train junction, then take approximately an hour and a half to reach the Canning by local trains. To reach Godkhali’s entrance to Sundarbans, you can also board the safari by private taxi or public transportation at Canning. Let’s know more about how do I travel to Sundarban from Kolkata?

Reach Sundarban by Road

The Sunderbans visitors, who want to travel by road, can either take the public transport from Kolkata to Canning and further Canning to Godkhali or hire a private taxi or cab to reach directly to Godkhali from Kolkata. It is better to hire a cab or a taxi as public transport is very crowded. The road distance from Kolkata to Godkhali and Canning is around 120 km and 64 km respectively. At Godkhali, you can get into the boat to further explore the forest. Let’s know more about how do I travel to Sundarban from Kolkata?

By road visitors of Sundarbans, who would like to travel through the road, can take public transport from Kolkata to Canning, then Canning and Gokhale. It’s safer to book a cab or a bus because there’s a lot of public transport. It’s approximately 120 km to Canning and 64 km to the road from Kolkata to Gokhale. You can board a boat in Godkhali to discover the area. Your journey is an unforgettable experience by boat on the meandering banks and the mystical Sundarban waterways.

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