Things To Do In Sundarbans

Most Important Things To Do In Sundarbans

Things To Do In Sundarbans: Do you ever wonder why Bengalis refer to the Sundarban as their pride? Things To Do In The Sundarbans Of course it is lovely, but Bengalis are only so proud of it for three main reasons.

The stunning Sundarban National Park is one location that offers a pure and captivating habitat, not just for the animals but also for the tourists. India may have a wide variety of intriguing wildlife sites spread throughout its length and width.

Sundarban Tourism

Its name comes from a common mangrove plant named Sundari that grows in this area. Sundarbans is the most beautiful and enticing National Park in India thanks to its numerous rivers and tributaries, canals, and islands. It also has one of the biggest and most distinctive mangrove ecosystems in the whole world.

This most well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site is a great location to witness wildlife in its natural habitat and is well-known for its stunning orange and black Royal Bengal Tigers. In addition, this national park, which is made up of 102 islands on the Indian side, has a number of little enclosures, including crocodile and turtle farms, wildlife museums, and watchtowers. Additionally, there are a few wildlife sanctuaries on the Sundarban Islands of Halliday and Lothian, which greatly enhance your Royal Sundarban trip.

Sundarban Tourism
  • Here are some crucial details concerning Sundarban tourism for people who are unaware of them:
  • West Bengal’s Sundarban Mangrove Forest is unique in its mystery and beauty.
  • One of the woods that UNESCO has designated as protected is Sundarban.
  • The Royal Bengal Tigers call it home.
  • In this region, there are several distinct bird and animal species.
  • This location’s rural setting is incredibly serene and tranquil.

Facts on Sundarban Tiger Reserve

Sundarban Biosphere ReserveFacts
AreaLand and Water Cover 10,000 km
ValueWorld Heritage Site by UNESCO (1987)
Locationthe confluence of the Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers, situated between India and Bangladesh.
Unique FactWorld’s richest mangrove forest (78 species of Mangroves)
Why it is Popularin favour of unusual faunal and flora species?
Popular Flora of SundarbansSon Champa, Hargoja, Jat Baine, Kankra, Sundari, Tora, Khalsa, Hoya, Goria, Hental, and Genwa are other examples.
Popular Fauna of SundarbansThe Royal Bengal Tiger, Fishing Cat, Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, Fiddler Crab, Crocodiles, Reptiles, Marine Turtles, Water Monitor Lizard, etc. are some examples of wildlife.
Popular Avifauna of SundarbansBrown-winged kingfishers, marsh harriers, jungle crows, green pigeons, wood sandpipers, woodpeckers, little stints, common snipes, golden plovers, etc. are among the 170 species of endemic birds.
Best Time to VisitNovember to February
Major RiversBrahmaputra, Meghna, Padma, Ganga
AchievementsNew Seven Wonders of Nature contender

1. Cut off from the humdrum of life and indulge in the rural atmosphere: 

When we take a break from the rush of city life and immerse ourselves in the real tranquilly of life found in a rural location, it may resemble meditation. The tranquilly offered by the rural environment and its inhabitants is unmatched anywhere else. The people are absolutely calm and level-headed, and they occasionally offer great counsel in such an uncomplicated way. We suggest that everyone looking for peace visit Sundarban as soon as possible. This Is Among the Most Important Things To Do In The Sundarbans

Sundarban Tourism

2. Take Up an Adventure Tour:

Sundarban Tourism

An exciting visit to the Sundarbans would be wonderful. You’re in luck if you’ve reserved a Sundarban trip with West Bengal Tourism since they’ll assist you in organizing an amazing Sundarban adventure tour. You’ll be in awe of the breathtaking adventurous views and animals. Trust us when we say you’ll thank us afterwards. One of the Most Important Activities In The Sundarbans Is This

3. Enjoy some good Food:

Sundarban Tourism

Sundarbans is the pinnacle of nutritious cuisine. Your journey to the Sundarbans isn’t complete unless you’ve had some authentic local cuisine. Sundarban’s delicious cuisine draws tourists from all over the world. These are the most important activities you may engage in Sundarbans to increase your level of enjoyment of life.

Chance To Spot the Roaring Bengal Tigers:

How many times have you wished you could have a close-up view of a Royal Bengal Tiger? I realize that it seems impossible, but the Sundarbans make it feasible and provide you with an opportunity to fulfil your goal of seeing a tiger up close. Tigers may be seen along the channel’s banks, providing you a closer look that you can record in your camera lenses, while on a safari through river channels and creeks.

Note: Tiger sightings in the Sundarbans depend on chance. Before you travel, please borrow some luck:

You Can Experience Surreal Sights of River Dolphins

What could be more pleasant than observing this stunning aquatic species while on a tour of the Sundarbans? A boat safari transports you to the open section of the river where the adorable dolphins are waiting to provide you with an unforgettable performance of what seems to be a dance act. Because of this, Sundarbans is one of the few spots in India where you may see the breathtaking sight of dancing dolphins.

Display your Photography Talent

Do you have a photographer in you somewhere? I am aware of one! And let me assure you that there is no better location than Sundarban to demonstrate your photographic prowess to friends and family. Just keep in mind to get your camera ready before entering the forest so you can get some captivating images of the lush flora and wildlife. Here, you get the chance to see and photograph a variety of fascinating animal creatures and beautiful foliage, including saltwater crocodiles, different types of deer, fierce tigers, and dancing dolphins..

Visit the Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary to see birds

Nothing piques the interest of a traveller or wildlife enthusiast like a memorable wildlife adventure with the aim of spotting some fascinating terrestrial animals and rare birds. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary, which is situated in the northern part of Sundarban Reserve, provides you with one of the greatest opportunities to witness these amazing feathered animals. You can get up close and personal with over 200 different bird species at the Sajnekhali watchtower, which is surrounded by lush vegetation and river channels. These species include kingfishers, sandpipers, herons, Caspian terns, open-billed storks, whimbrels, white-bellied sea eagles, and many more.

Visit the nearby villages

I find this to be really interesting, myself! Consider a wildlife travel experience in the Sundarbans combined with a rural tourism component, where you have one of the most remarkable opportunities of your life to meet with the tribal people and learn about their culture. A few surrounding villages are also part of this World Heritage Site, so you may visit them to add some more memories to your trip to the Sunderbans. Observe the local dance drama cultural event “Bonbibi Pala” to learn about the way of life and culture.

Additionally, you may enrol in culinary lessons to learn how to prepare the regional cuisine and embark on a fishing or crab hunt around the hamlet. Do you know that the people of a community in the Sundarbans known as “Widow Village” have had one or more members of their family devoured or assaulted by tigers?

Make a nighttime safari reservation in the Sunderbans to see the rarest phytoplanktons.

Let me first take you on a journey via knowledge before I explain anything. The tiny autotrophic components known as phytoplanktons have the ability to shine at night. This ride’s wisdom sums up well why you should go a night safari in the Sundarbans.

Travel to Netidhopani to pray at the 400-year-old Temple.

Sundarbans’ Netidhopani is a picture-perfect tourist destination because to its tranquil lake and historic homes. However, a 400-year-old temple with both religious and historical value is the feature that distinguishes this location as a must-see tourist site in the Sundarbans. So, if you believed that the Sundarbans were just home to animals, think again!

Visit the Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project to see the Freshwater Crocs.

Investigate the Wildlife Around the Mangrove Interpretation Center

One of India’s most well-known national parks, Sundarban provides you with the ability to explore and see animals through forays into the forest, across streams, and through mangrove tangles. Not only this, but it also improves learning simply by remaining inside a complex’s bounds. In Sajnekhali, at the Mangrove Interpretation Center and Museum, you may learn more about the species and ecology that are native to the area. Several artefacts and relics regarding the reserve are on display at this one and only museum in Sundarban. The information on the most recent tiger sightings is routinely updated by the museum.

Bring a souvenir from Sunderban back to your home.

Shopping is essential to a holiday. Well, this remark is accurate in every way. What will serve as your “mark of remembrance” of the specific tourist destination you saw if you visit a place and leave empty-handed? Though memories might fade with time, mementoes can help you recall the time you spent there. One of the greatest places to get organic brown rice and authentic honey is said to be Sundarban. Additionally, if you enjoy art, you may purchase local handicrafts to add to your magnificent home collection of handmade items, which you have undoubtedly assembled as a result of your travels.

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